News: Cloud03 Software Upgrades

Published: 12/03/2016 Back

On Friday, December 3 beginning at 1:45AM, we will be performing an upgrade to this particular cloud's infrastructure to support newer hypervisor code in addition to updating the switching infrastructure to support additional features. This maintenance window will require all hypervisors and cloud VM's to be shutdown. Only cloud servers in the 66.180.167.* network will be affected.

2:40AM CST Maintenance is continuing; cloud hosts are rebooting now. The maintenance window will be extended to 4:30AM due to the storage resource taking longer to validate disk integrity than expected.

3:43AM CST We are performing a final network health check and will be bringing the VM's online within the next 15 minutes.

4:53AM CST All VM's have been verified over the last hour to ensure they booted successfully.