How do I work with the AntiSpam stats interface?


The AntiSpam interface has many powerful features to search through a very large database. With only a couple queries as outlined below, you will become familiar with these commands and be able to manage your filtered mail like a pro!

Working with the interface is easier than it looks. Below are some tips..

* This interface allows you to:

      o Whitelist/Blacklist email addresses


      o Relearn messages as spam or notspam (ham)


      o Release messages from the quarantine when flagged as spam


      o View a chronological list of messages received by the system


      o View a list of viruses received and destroyed


      o Find out which of your users receives the most messages


      o Search out individual senders or receivers out of the millions in the database


      o ..and much more!

* To see more than 20 of the last emails to your domain..

      o Click the "Reports" link and then the "Message Listing" link. This will list all the messages, page by page.

* Need to pinpoint a particular address to see what was scanned for it?

      o Click the "Reports" link and locate the "Add Filter" section of the page


      o Select from the first pull-down the "To" field


      o Select from the second pull-down the "is equal to" field


      o Enter the email address you wish to view all scanned messages for


      o Click the "Add" button and this will automatically filter all messages to show only the address you entered


      o ..now you can click the "Message Listing" link to start viewing the filtered messages

* Need to flag a message as notspam or spam?

      o Click the "Reports" link and click the "Message Listing" link


      o Locate the message(s) and click the "[ ]" section in the far left column that corresponds to the message you want to flag


      o You will be taken to a new page that shows the message detail


      o Scroll all the way down the page and you will have a section to flag the message as spam or notspam (ham)