How can I backup my cloud servers?


Cloud server backups

Once you enable automatic backups of your server, it will be backed up (snapshotted) automatically every second or third day (depending on account level) plus one weekly backup and sent to a separate SAN. Some account levels allow for more than one backup option. If you have an account that provides additional backup slots or have ordered add-on backup slots or have unused backup slots, the system will also automatically do weekly and monthly backups. 

The default backup options are as follows:

  • Cloud blocks allow for every second or third day + one weekly automatic backups for each virtual server. The daily backup is overwritten each day the backup is run; weekly each week.
    • ..you can also use any available backup slot for an on-demand manual backup.

The manual backup is the backup that is not overwritten each day so you could use the manual backup as a "gold" backup image for any block resource level

To enable backups, simply configure your virtual server(s) if you have not done so already and navigate into the "Disks" section of the server you wish to backup and turn "on" the backup option. To check the scheduling, click into the "Access CP" link from your main server portal and log into the Advanced Control Panel, and click into the Storage link at the top of the page. Click the little icon with the red check mark. That is the scheduling link.

Note the "Backup" link in the right hand column above. This is the link you would click to start an immediate rather than scheduled backup.

Please note, these backups are offered at no additional charge, are not guaranteed (this is a self managed service - contact us for enhanced, managed backup services), are provided on a "best effort" basis and may be disabled or discontinued for maintenance or performance reasons at any time. You are responsible for enabling, managing and monitoring any backup status of its success or failure. Additionally, these backups are not be relied upon for single file restoration purposes as it is meant to provide server templating, cloning or complete server restoration. You are highly encouraged to maintain backups of your sensitive data to an additional data repositories.  Alternatively, contact sales@netsonic.net for additional managed and unmanaged backup solutions which include FTP space, simple storage space and/or R1Soft automated backups which can be used for individual file restoration purposes and full bare metal restores.