How do I add resource blocks to my account?


Upgrading cloud hosting accounts

If you have an existing cloud hosting account, you can upgrade at any time, night or day, to add resource blocks which allow you to create more virtual servers or upgrade your existing virtual server to give it even more power. 

  1. Simply log into your client portal and navigate to the "Client Area" section
  2. Click into the "Upgrade" link under the "Cloud Server Hosting" section

  1. At the right hand side of the page you will have an "Upgrade" tab, click this and you will be displayed new server options

Complete the order form by moving the slider to the new resource block(s) you want and click the "Upgrade" link and follow the payment links provided. Within a few minutes after payment, your block resource level will be increased.

Once you receive the confirmation and have paid the invoice, you can begin upgrading your virtual server to increase the RAM, CPU and disk space allocations. Or, if you chose an account level with "4 Blocks" or more, you can even provision a second virtual machine!