CentOS 5.4 x86_64 LLMP image notes


CentOS 5.4 x86_64 LLMP image 

LLMP - Linux with Lighttpd, MySQL and PHP installed

Lighttpd is a secure, fast, compliant, and very flexible web-server that has been optimized for high-performance environments.

MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that runs as a server providing multi-user access to a number of databases.

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is a widely used, general-purpose scripting language that was originally designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages.

Lighttpd and MySQL servers are configured to start at the VM boot time. To change the status, please use service: run a System V init script, and chkconfig: updates and queries runlevel information for system services.

The server main configuration file is /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf. The rest of configs should be located in /etc/lighttpd/conf.d directory. For configuration options please refer the following documentation at: http://redmine.lighttpd.net/projects/lighttpd/wiki/Docs:ConfigurationOptions

To configure Lighttpd with PHP fastcgi add the module mod_fastcgi and make sure your server.modules loads it:

server.modules              = (

Add following lines to the main configuration file:

fastcgi.server = ( ".php" => ((
                     "bin-path" => "/usr/bin/php-cgi",
                     "socket" => "/tmp/php.socket"

The server is compiled with SSL support. The Lighttpd SSL configuration documentation is available at: http://redmine.lighttpd.net/wiki/1/Docs:SSL

The sample configuration file which can be used as guide is available at: http://redmine.lighttpd.net/repositories/entry/lighttpd/branches/lighttpd-1.4.x/doc/lighttpd.conf