Creating a new virtual machine

Building your virtual machine in the cloud

Now that you have purchased blocks of resources for your cloud server(s) it is time to apply those resources to one or more machines you will be building. Follow the easy steps below and your production ready cloud server can be online in only a few minutes.

Start by logging into your cloud hosting portal. Once you are logged in, click into the "List Services" link.

Next click the "Create new Virtual Machine" link.

Enter your desired hostname into the "Hostname" field. This really should be a fully qualified hostname.
Select your desired OS image (Windows and CloudLinux images will require an add-on license but you can still install the image for testing purposes.

..continue through the form and enter your desired root password. Please make this a secure password and not something too simple.

Next, chose the resources from your block allocation that you want to apply to this new server. If you have an account with 4 blocks or more, you can create up to two virtual machines. You can either chose to build one large machine or two smaller machines by splitting your resources in half.

..once you have selected your resources and are ready to submit the desired server to the cloud, click the "Create new Virtual Machine" button and your request will be assigned an IP address, queued up and built within 1-2 minutes.

You will be directed to a new screen where your new machine will be displayed.

In a minute, click the "Overview" tab to refresh the page (Linux images take only about 1-2 minutes to build) and the little light bulb (1)  will light indicating the new server is online.

Click into the server hostname link (2) above to bring up your new server's detailed information.

Here you can perform a number of important functions as shown above. Click into each and discover the options you have within each tab and link.
Please note: there is an Advanced Control Panel (screenshot below) link shown in the "Login to control panel" link above. This is a high level control panel that puts you directly onto the cloud where you can manage your servers with even more granularity. If you choose to use this additional interface, click the "Login to control panel" link and it will display a username and password. Copy those credentials and click the "Proceed to Control Panel" button. Your login for the ACP is different than your standard cloud hosting portal login.

ACP additional controls are not all shown here. The ACP is very useful for those times when you may encounter an issue during the build process. You can simply login, unlock the problematic machine and rebuild or delete it. No more waiting for your provider to do the same thing you can now do.