How do I upgrade my virtual machine after a service upgrade?


Upgrading virtual machine resources

Once you have upgraded your account level with additional resources (RAM, disk or CPU) updating your virtual machine to use these new resources is easy. Simply log into your client portal and click into the "List Services" link and then navigate to and click into the virtual machine you wish to update.

Click the "Adjust Resource Allocation" link.

Use the sliders to increase resources.
Please note: CentOS images do not require a reboot, they can do in-service or "hot" upgrades. Other OSes do automatically reboot after upgrading resources.

Once you have adjusted your sliders to use the new resources you upgraded to, click the "Adjust Resource Allocation" button and the changes will be made within a few minutes. You can also perform the same resource adjustment from within your Advanced Cloud Portal interface which is also accessible in the same location as show in image #2 above via the "Login to control panel". 


Upgrading disk space

To increase your server's hard disk space, click the "Disks" tab in the machine you are upgrading and then click the "Edit" pencil icon to adjust the disk space. Please shutdown the server before running this operation. Also, make sure you have at least 1GB of disk space available. The disk resizing process CANNOT complete if your disk is 100% full.

Be sure you have a current backup prior to resizing disks.