How do I use the Promotional Code Option?


Redeeming your promotional code on the order form

Please follow the below steps to redeem your promotional code for Netsonic Cloud hosting services.

  1. Simply navigate to the Netsonic cloud portal and select your preferred block resource
  2. Scroll down to the "order summary" section (located at the right hand side of the page)

Click the "Use promotional code" link as shown in the image above. The link will turn into a text box. That is where you will enter your coupon or promotional code.


Please note: Enter your coupon or promotional code AND then click the ">>" button to VALIDATE the code. If you do not validate the code, the discount will NOT be applied to your order. You can then continue on to provide your personal information into the order form and submitting it.

Promotional codes are not valid for CPanel, Parallels® Plesk Panel, Windows licensing or any other service add-on products.