CentOS 5.5 Plesk 8.6 x64


CentOS 5.5 Plesk 8.6 x64 template image 

This template is a recently updated and performance optimized Plesk 8.6 template. This template is for those who either like the older interface or for those who need to migrate from older versions of Plesk or other control panels like Ensim where Plesk 9.x migration manager will not work. You can migrate sites to a Plesk 8.6 server and then update the Plesk server to version 9.x+.

The default Plesk login and password out of the box is:
login: admin
password: setup
..it will then prompt you for additional information to complete the setup. Please navigate to the "Order" tab of your cloud portal and click into the "Service Add-Ons" link to order a Plesk license if you do not already have your own.
You can use the default license Plesk offers which allows for (1) domain and (1) email address until you need more email accounts or domains to host.