Enabling the Netsonic CDN in Magento


Using the CDN with Magento

After signing up for the Netsonic Global CDN Service and setting up your new URL, ie., cdn.yourdomain.com, you will be given instructions on updating DNS for that new hostname. Once you have updated DNS to reflect this new hostname, you can then configure your site as detailed below:

Migrate Magento Contents to CDN

  1. Login to the Magento Admin Panel.
  2. Navigate to Magento Admin > Configuration > Web > Unsecure.
  3. Update the following with the CDN URL(eg, cdn.magento.com):
    1. Base Media URL: cdn.yourmagento.com/media/
    2. Base Javascript URL: cdn.yourmagento.com/js/
  4. Click Save to update the changes.
  5. Then Navigate to Magento Admin > Configuration > Current Configuration Scope: Main Website > Web > Unsecure > Base Skin URL.
  6. Untick Use Default for the Base Skin URL
  7. Update Base Skin URL:
    1. Base Skin URL: cdn.yourmagento.com/skin/
  8. Click Save to update the changes.


Verify if your Magento is on CDN by viewing the HTML source code. Image links shall be replaced with CDN URLs.