Netsonic Anycast DNS Service


Having a fast site is not only a user experience issue. Now, the speed with which pages load is even alleged to be used as a factor in search engine rankings. Naturally, anything an organization can do to improve performance is desirable, and the Netsonic Anycast DNS service can help achieve that objective.

The Netsonic Anycast DNS service provides unmatched performance and reliability option for your DNS services.  Utilizing 16 diversely geographic name servers, we are able to move DNS response services closer to the end user thereby increasing site performance and remove points of failure. Additionally, the use of multiple diverse locations on multiple diverse networks will mitigate most DNS DoS style attacks that target traditional name server configurations ensuring that your site remains fast and reliable in the event of such attacks.

Benefits to you and your Business:

  • Faster website response times
  • Increased reliability and redundancy
  • Ability to mitigate DNS type DoS attacks
  • Instant provisioning
  • Easy instant updating
  • Easy web based management
  • Infinite scale – additional servers and locations continually added.
  • Integrated within our 160+ POP CDN Network.
  • IPv6 Ready

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