How many IP addresses can I use?


Cloud servers and IP addresses

Netsonic cloud servers allow for you to use up to 5 add-on IP addresses for most packages other than the 36 node count package which allows the account holder up to 10 IP addresses because that account also allows up to 10 individual virtual machines.

Packages with 2 nodes or more can order additional IP addresses with standard usage justification in accordance with ARIN guidelines.
Once the IP addresses are ordered, they must be put into immediate use because IP addresses cannot be ordered and "squatted" on - meaning you cannot order the IP addresses as a method of reserving them for your future use.  We do allow use of private IP addresses and you can create an additional real and separate physical network interface (eth1 vs sub-interface eth0:1) on your virtual machines and allocate private IP's to each for inter-node communication regardless of what host node your virtual machines are on within the cloud. This is perfect for those who like to completely separate services like MySQL databases in a separate virtual machine apart from the main web server. This way your database server is not directly accessible from the Internet and helps provide a bit of additional security. Private network traffic is not logged against your monthly bandwidth allocation.