Can I ONLY buy blocks to create more servers?


Block upgrades vs new server orders

You can give yourself the option to create new virtual machines in a couple different ways. The most common is to upgrade your server's "block" resources. For example, if you have a 2 Block resource now and want another virtual machine and more resources (RAM, disk, CPU) you can upgrade to the 4 Block resource. Please note, you do not have to build a second virtual machine when you upgrade your block resources, you can just assign all the new resources to your current server to increase its power and capacity. The option is all yours with regard to how you use your resource blocks.

If you just want another virtual machine with the same resources as your current machine, for example say you have a 1 Block resource now and just want another 1 Block virtual machine, you do not need to upgrade to the 4 Block resource. You can simply navigate to the Order page within your client portal and order a completely new 1 Block resource. This will setup another block of resources for a new 1 Block virtual machine under your same billing account. These two virtual machines will then have their own separate set of resources which may be upgraded individually at any time in the future.