Cloud hosting security

How secure is cloud hosting at Netsonic? 

Netsonic cloud hosting servers implement an anti-sniffing, anti-spoofing firewall in addition to other hypervisor security features. We can host thousands of virtual machines in complete isolation.

Each virtual machine's network is on it's own vlan within the cloud. This helps isolate your traffic and keep it away from other virtual machines in the cloud. This means your traffic cannot be sniffed by anyone else in the cloud and no one can steal your IP addresses in an attempt to direct your traffic to their servers.
We also monitor traffic in and out of the cloud and manage firewalls and Snort-based intrusion detection systems throughout the network in an attempt to provide an uncommonly secure environment for your web hosting needs compared to other cloud hosting services.
Your data is also kept completely separate from EVERY other virtual machine within the cloud. No two virtual machines on the cloud can see each other's data. Each virtual machine has it's own assigned disk space on it's own separate partition. Data is not shared between machines or simply separate through weak jailing methods.

Please note, our cloud hosting platform is also housed in our Green Bay, WI datacenter just like our standard dedicated and virtual servers are. This is not a farmed-out service hosted somewhere else out on the Internet.