Fatal error on Flexi-Cloud server builds - Resolved


There is a bug that occasionally shows up in the cloud portal when new servers are built preventing them from starting. The error will be displayed with an error similar to -


Started at "today's date"
Failed at "today's date"
Hypervisor HV4

Error: Not enough free memory. I need 557056 KiB but only have 420080.

Fatal: Virtual machine has not been started on hypervisor
Executing Rollback...

When this happens, you can click into the "Log into Control Panel" link found in the server tab within the cportal.netsonic.net portal. Once you are into this Advanced Control Panel, click into the server in question and then click the "Migrate Virtual Machine" link. It will provide you with two additional servers you can migrate to. Select one and click "Start Migration". It will migrate in a few seconds and then click the Power "ON" button.

This will be fixed in a software update this week (October 2011).