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Plesk Shared Hosting
Get online today with our affordable shared Plesk hosting plans.
Colocation Services

Colocation Features:

  • 24-hour service
  • Customized rack setup and pricing
  • Dedicated 100Mbps Fast Ethernet Port
  • Roof access available - call for info
  • Multi-homed, multiple Gigabit connections
  • Diesel backup power
  • UPS & advanced fire suppression
  • Redundant datacenter cooling systems
  • Private facility with access only for our technicians
  • Full rack or cabinets available - call for info
  • Wisconsin based, far from most natural disaster zones
  • Remote hands service included, 2 hrs/month
  • Emergency admin services
  • Call for other custom services: 1-877-432-0360
Add-On Products
Order Plesk or CPanel licenses and IP addresses.
Employ our geeks for those times when there just aren't enough hours in a day to get everything done you need to. If you need us to help in other ways with your server administration, please let us know what you need and we'll tailor a solution to fit your specific needs.
Domain Transfer
Managed DNS
For current clients only, a managed DNS option for your domains using our ns1.netsoniccloud.com and ns2.netsoniccloud nameservers.
Netsonic Global Anycast DNS
Global AnyCast DNS services. Domain name services across 100 geographically diverse name servers and physically diverse locations. The ultimate in DNS protection reliability and performance.
Hosted Quickbooks Application Servers
Hosted Quickbooks Application Server
WordPress Hosting
SpamArmor Anti Spam Services
Netsonic SpamArmor Anti Spam Services.
cPanel Shared Hosting
Get online today with our affordable shared cPanel hosting plans.
Dedicated Servers
R1Soft Server Backups
R1Soft Server Backups