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Cloud03 Maintenance

Published: 12/29/2016

12/29/2016 - We will be performing cloud maintenance on the HV nodes that your server resides. If your server has an ip in the subnet, you will be affected. This will require us to shutdown your VM for a short period as we conduct the backend upgrades on these nodes. Once completed, we will bring your server back on line. This maintenance window will commence at 10:00 PM CST tonight ...

Cloud03 Software Upgrades

Published: 12/03/2016

On Friday, December 3 beginning at 1:45AM, we will be performing an upgrade to this particular cloud's infrastructure to support newer hypervisor code in addition to updating the switching infrastructure to support additional features. This maintenance window will require all hypervisors and cloud VM's to be shutdown. Only cloud servers in the 66.180.167.* network will be affected. 2:40AM CST ...

Cloud 01- Linux swap Storage Issues

Published: 11/25/2016

7:46AM CST - We are working through an issue with the Linux swap storage device taking errors. If you have a Linux server you can use the 'swapoff -a' command to prevent it from using swap which will stop the errors if you are seeing any and later reenable it via 'swapon -a' once the issue is remedied. This will not work however if you are commonly overusing your server's RAM forcing it to use ...