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Cloud Hypervisor Issue

Published: 01/07/2018

At 4:30AM CST on cloud01 a hypervisor [HV09] was listed as offline in the cluster, however it did not terminate and migrate the VM's on it. The VM's and the hypervisor did remain online from 4:30AM to 6:55AM CST. At 6:55AM we initiated a manual failover to remediate the issue with the hypervisor and allow it to migrate the VM's and reboot as it should have done automatically. This caused (5) VM's ...

Switching Path Upgrades

Published: 01/05/2018

01.05.18 - From 8PM to 1AM CST we will be rehoming some switch connectivity as we continue updating parts of the infrastructure to support added capacity and redundancy. You may see brief interruptions (primarily packet loss) not lasting more than a few minutes as we implement these improvements and routes reconverge. 11:30PM CST - Scheduled updates were completed successfully and validated ...

Network Maintenance

Published: 12/15/2017

12.15.17 - Next Wednesday 12.20.17 from 10PM to 4AM we will be replacing several subnet switches, aggregating ports and adding additional redundant paths for each subnet, switches and cabinets. This will allow for additional failover as well as increased capacity. You may see brief interruptions not lasting more than a few minutes as we implement these improvements.