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Cloud Cluster subnet

Published: 05/08/2023

5.8.2023 0500 hours CST, all remaining connectivity to othe cloud cluster with the subnet has been restored. If you have any further issues, please let us know. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the troubles.

Transformer Replaced

Published: 05/07/2023

5.7.2023 2200 hours CST. The utility has replaced the failed transformer. We continue to work a few lingering issues with one of the cloud clusters - specifically servers in the subnet. If you have a service down outside of the subnet, please submit a support request and include your ip address. Thank you for your patience as we work thru this issue.

Utility Transformer Failure

Published: 05/07/2023

5.7.2023 1500 CST At approxmately 1500 hours CST, the primary utlitiy transformer failed. This caused a drop and surge in one of the 3 phases. Out backup power kicked in at this time. During the transfer an issue occurred causing a power drop in the datacenter. As a result one of our core switches failed to start properly causing a network issue to certain segments of the datacenter. At ...