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All Systems Green

Publicado: 10/24/2017

All systems are fully functional and green at this time.

Cloud03 Storage Work

Publicado: 05/06/2017

Beginning at 10PM (CDT) on April 6 and April 7 we will be performing some disk rebalancing which will move disks within the cloud to optimize performance. There will be no downtime during this work, however there could be some slight performance slowing and backups will not be run during this work. The disk rebalancing is expected to run until the early morning the following day.

Cloud03 Maintenance

Publicado: 12/29/2016

12/29/2016 - We will be performing cloud maintenance on the HV nodes that your server resides. If your server has an ip in the subnet, you will be affected. This will require us to shutdown your VM for a short period as we conduct the backend upgrades on these nodes. Once completed, we will bring your server back on line. This maintenance window will commence at 10:00 PM CST tonight ...