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Network Issue - 4.12.19

Publicado: 04/12/2019

At approximately 8AM CST, we began to notice packet loss on the Timewarner side of our connections. This latency lasted approximately 4-6 minutes. We are working with the upstreams to determine where the drops occurred.

Network Latency - TimeWarner Outage

Publicado: 12/12/2018

12.12.18 1:20 AM CST We are seeing reduced latency as the upstream Timewarner connectivity stabilizes. 12:45 AM CST It appears Timewarner/Spectrum is having a large outage over many geographic regions. This continues to cause high latency and connectivity issues into our network. 12:15 AM CST We are currently experiencing issues with our Timewarner connections that is causing ...

Cloud3 Firewall Packet Loss

Publicado: 10/29/2018

10.29.18 At approximately 1:15 PM CST, we began to see packet loss on the cloud3 platform firewall. This caused some reachability issues to servers located on the cloud3 platform. We have resolved this currently and are going to be scheduling a short maintenance window to replace the firewall on this cloud.